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Leadbetter Professional Golf Instructors

Leadbetter’s professional golf instructors around the globe adhere strictly to the company's commitment to excellence, offering golfers of all ages and skill levels the resources to improve their games under the tutelage of the world's finest instructors at the world's finest training facilities.

All Leadbetter Certified Golf Instructors have completed a stringent and extensive training program. This certification process assures clients the highest level of instruction consistency from all Leadbetter Certified Golf Instructors no matter which Leadbetter Golf Academy around the world they choose.

LGA Certified Golf Instructors


Bob Hite Bob Lohr Eddie Lee Greg Weston Jae Suh
Matt Denzer Matt Hilton Nate Myskowski Renee Lee Ron Grotjan
Sean Hogan Tim Mitchell Tom Reynolds  


LGA Specialized Staff Members



Brett Meyer

Master Clufitter and Certified Instructor

Dr. Robert K. Winters

Sports Psychologist

Steven Yellin

The Fluid Motion Factor

Trevor Anderson

Director of Golf Performance


Shaun McBride

Course Strategy Coach






Our Golf Instructor Certification Process

The certification process begins when each hand selected candidate enters into a year-long comprehensive training program. This rigorous detailed program has, at its core, a proprietary workbook developed by David Leadbetter. This highly sophisticated in-house manual has a variety of meticulous tasks to train and test trainees on their competence and knowledge of David Leadbetter's teaching philosophies. Further, the candidate's teaching skills are scrupulously tested to evaluate his or her ability to recognize and apply the appropriate instructive practices and techniques to each student.

This initial certification process takes approximately one year to complete under the guidance and instruction of David Leadbetter and the Worldwide Director of Certification. In addition to this initial training and to further ensure all Academy Certified Instructors remain current on the latest in teaching trends and technologies, a yearly recertification process is also required. As part of the recertification program, all Golf Instructors receive DVD copies of lessons given by David Leadbetter. They also attend presentations regarding current trends, techniques, and drills used by David and his teaching staff at the global headquarters at ChampionsGate, Florida. Each Certified Instructor must also visit ChampionsGate annually to improve and refresh their teaching skills by observing and assisting David Leadbetter and his Senior Golf Instructors.