Mistake Free Golf at The Ryder Cup

Dr. Bob Winters, author of Mistake Free Golf, offers up some words of wisdom to the players in this year's Ryder Cup.

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How Eye Dominance Effects Your Golf Swing

Leadbetter Certified Instructor Tim Mitchell recently wrote an article for GolfWRX about the effects of eye dominance in the golf swing.

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Photos from the LGA La Manga Grand Opening

LGA La Manga held a Grand Opening Clinic and Press Day this past Monday. Head to the LGA Google+ page to see the photos.

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Ben An Takes Victory on the Challenge Tour

LGA student Ben An took home victory at the Rolex Trophy making him the first Korean to win on the Challenge Tour.

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Want to Work on Your Game and Stay Cool This Summer?

The Leadbetter Golf Academy is now offering indoor golf lessons at Dewey's Indoor Golf and Sports Bar. Schedule a lesson with an Associate Instructor at Dewey's today.

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What is Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance?

Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance is a comprehensive performance training program that emphasizes speed, coordination, stability, power, and muscle endurance to improve functional movement and increase golf performance.

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