Mistake-Free Golf

Preorder the new book by LGA's resident Sports Psychologist, Dr. Robert Winters.

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The Leadbetter Development Clinics

Introducing the Leadbetter Development Clinic: 3-Day clinics designed to keep you improving your game.

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The Leadbetter Tournament Series

Introducing the Leadbetter Tournament Series: Summer Tournaments to improve a player's competitive edge.

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David Leadbetter Gives Emeril Lagasse a Golf Lesson

David Leadbetter recently gave Emeril Lagasse a golf lesson on the world-famous chef's new show, Emeril's Florida.

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Introducing Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance

The Leadbetter Golf Academy has partnered with fitness industry leader Gold's Gym to offer Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance.

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Cadillac Innovation Golf Series

This exclusive video series features the latest innovations from Cadillac along with innovative tips from David Leadbetter designed to improve your performance on the course.  View the webisodes.

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