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David Leadbetter on Lesson Tee Live

David Leadbetter will be answering your questions on the Golf Channels new show Lesson Tee Live tomorrow night at 8 pm ET.

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The 2014 Academy Cup

LGA participated in the first annual Academy Cup this past weekend with student Athena Yang taking home first in her division.

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How Can You Win from Losing?

Part Two of Dr. Bob Winters' Three Things We Can Learn from the Ryder Cup series.

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Mistake Free Golf at The Ryder Cup

Dr. Bob Winters, author of Mistake Free Golf, offers up some words of wisdom to the players in this year's Ryder Cup.

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Want to Work on Your Game and Stay Cool This Summer?

The Leadbetter Golf Academy is now offering indoor golf lessons at Dewey's Indoor Golf and Sports Bar. Schedule a lesson with an Associate Instructor at Dewey's today.

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What is Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance?

Leadbetter Dynamic Golf Performance is a comprehensive performance training program that emphasizes speed, coordination, stability, power, and muscle endurance to improve functional movement and increase golf performance.

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LGA News
GA's own, Athena Yang—a student of Senior Leadbetter Certified Instructor Ron Grotjan—took home first place in the girls individual division with a combined weekend score of 144. Congratulations to her!.. read more
Mental Toughness
Now that the 2014 Ryder Cup is in the record books and the pundits of golf have had their fair share of what went well and what went wrong with both sides, it is time to consider: What do we really learn from the competition and how do we make sense of the spoils of victory and the sorrow of losing?.. read more
Performance Training
Develop a more efficient swing motion using the Dynamic Med Ball Workout with TA... read more