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New from Golf Pride Grips

Introducing the MCC Plus 4. A tour-proven, hybrid grip that features a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material with a 4.6% larger lower hand diameter than the Original MCC.

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The A Swing by David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter's new book, The A Swing will be available May 12th, 2015! Visit to pre-order the book now, or learn more about the book and the A Swing Approved Training Aids.

Being Ready to Play Great Golf, Part 2

"What I have witnessed is that a considerable number of golfers repeat the same mistake long before they step onto the first tee. Most golfers are not ready to actually 'play' golf when they step onto the course." - Dr. Bob WintersRead More»

Over the Weekend

New Zealand wants to see more golf, especially Lydia Ko and a handful of LGA Students make the cut for the 2015 LPGA Tour.


Keep Your Game Sharp this Winter

The Leadbetter Golf Academy is now offering indoor golf lessons at Dewey's Indoor Golf and Sports Bar. Schedule a lesson with an Associate Instructor at Dewey's today.

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